Final Issue of MaCuMBA Project News Now Available

The 16th and final issue of the MaCuMBA (Marine Microorganisms: Cultivation Methods for Improving their Biotechnological Applications) project newsletter is now available to download from the project’s website: MaCuMBA was a four-year EC FP7-funded project that focused on uncovering the untold diversity of marine microbes using cultivation-dependent strategies.

Following a final farewell from MaCuMBA project coordinator Prof Lucas Stal, this issue provides an insight into the MaCuMBA final conference, which was very much the culmination of all MaCuMBA efforts. “The Marine Microbiome – Discovery & Innovation” took place in Berlin-Adlershof, Germany, from 27-30 June 2016.

This Marine Microbiome event report special presents highlights from both the one-day industry conference as well as the two-day open science conference which were organised face-to-face to bring together the worlds of science and industry. The industry conference included several interesting guest speakers presenting on the latest trends and issues, two intense and thought-provoking panel discussions, the official presentation of the MaCuMBA book “The Marine Microbiome” and the first official viewing of the MaCuMBA movie “Revealing the Secrets of Marine Microbes”. Another industry conference element was the four different round table discussions on important questions relating to the field of marine biotechnology. Each chair reports on these timely discussions in this newsletter. A snapshot from each of the four sessions of the busy two-day Open Science conference is also provided, as well as a sample of some of the fascinating MaCuMBA project outputs which were on display in the industry exhibition hall throughout the event. An overview of MaCuMBA deliverables and where to find them is given, including the many newsletters, the book, the movie, and the soon to be released legacy brochure.

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