Understanding Sustainable Marine Biorefineries with GENIALG at Sea Tech Week 2018


Press Release: October 2018

A one-day session on “Sustainable biorefinery for marine resources”, led by Station Biologique de Roscoff (CNRS) and OLMIX, partners of the GENIALG H2020 project, as well as CBB Capbiotek, will take place on Thursday 11 September as part of Sea Tech Week. It will be the opportunity to discover pioneering companies and projects implementing the concept of large-scale integrated biorefineries in the EU. International academic and industrial experts will describe advances on the process of cracking the biomass and developing a wide diversity of products. This conference will address scientific discoveries and industrial developments in the value chains for seaweed biorefineries but also for other biomass in the blue biotechnology sector.

Now in its 11th year, Sea Tech Week will take place in Brest, France from 8 to 12 October 2018. The event gathers thousands of participants, researchers, industrialists and decision-makers, and provides a unique opportunity to develop business relationships and scientific collaborations. This year, the main theme is marine bioresources, covering a broad range of discussions from resource characterisation and production to economic development. The objective being to highlight the latest technologies on offer in these different fields of application.

The pioneering EU Horizon 2020-funded GENIALG project is expected to boost the Blue Economy in Europe by increasing the sustainable production and exploitation of seaweed and its vital derivatives for its growing market. Until now, seaweed has been underexploited in Europe; production levels currently lag behind the increasing demand for seaweed biomass in novel applications. With improved cultivation and refining techniques, capture of seaweed compounds can be scaled up to a commercial level. With an investment of 12 million euro, GENIALG will cultivate two high-biomass yielding species of the brown seaweed Saccharina latissimi (also known as Sugar Kelp)and the green seaweed Ulva Rigida (often called Sea Lettuce) and refine their resulting products to produce valuable sources of diverse bioactive compounds, with enormous potential for use in a wide range of exciting products such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, biofuels and even as a human “superfood”.

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