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The Team

Our policy has been to build an experienced and multidisciplinary team of experts from different backgrounds. Our team’s expertise includes: scientific research, teaching, business, communications and project management.


Name: David Murphy 
Nationality: British
Position: General Manager
Qualifications: BSc Marine Biology and Oceanography
Background: I have worked at AquaTT since 2000, and head up AquaTT’s dynamic multi-disciplinary team to help bridge the gap between science and society.


Marieke Name: Marieke Reuver
Nationality: Dutch
Position: Programme Manager
Qualifications: MSc Animal Sciences, specialising in animal production systems
Background: I worked as an Education Assistant at Wageningen University (the Netherlands) and as a consultant at FAO (Italy).


Olivia Name: Olivia Daly 
Nationality: Irish
Position: Senior Project Manager, Communications Team Manager (MATES)
Qualifications: BA Mod Environmental Science
Background: I previously worked under a Stagiaire Programme with the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government researching Ireland’s approach to communicating information about climate change.

Laura Name: Laura Richardson
Nationality: Irish
Position: Finance Manager
Qualifications: FCCA, IEMBA
Background: Professional Accountant with diverse practical experience across multiple sectors with a demonstrable record of achievement in driving commercial success in complex organisations. Experience in Multinational organisations, Health and Education sector at senior level.


Oona Name: Oona Tully
Nationality: Irish
Position: Senior Communications Officer
Qualifications: BSc Environmental Resources Management
Background: With diverse experience in communications, I have worked in the design, publishing and photographic media industries, most recently specialising in environmental communications. My most recent role was as Managing Publisher at UN Environment’s headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

Cliona new Name: Cliona Ní Cheallacháin 
Nationality: Irish
Position: Senior Project Manager (GENIALG, PerformFISH)
Qualifications: BSc Microbiology, Zoology and Genetics
Background: Originally from Galway, I previously worked in the family business farming salmon off the west coast of Ireland.

Olga Name: Olga Ormond
Nationality: Irish
Position: Senior Project Manager (CSA-Industry4.E)
Qualifications: B.Eng Telecommunications Engineering, PhD Network Performance
Background: Experienced Project Manager, Engineer and Research Fellow


Annette new photo Name: Annette Wilson
Nationality: Irish
Position: Project Officer (ATLAS, SEAFOODTOMORROW)
Qualifications: PhD (Oceanography), BSc (Marine Science)
Background: My academic background is in Oceanography/Marine Biogeochemistry. Before joining AquaTT, I worked in a support science role for an international training programme (POGO Centre of Excellence at the Alfred Wegner Institute on Helgoland). My interests include science communication, knowledge management and the deep sea.


Liam Name: Liam Fullbrook
Nationality: British
Position: Project Officer (BIOCON-CO2, AQUAEXCEL2020, REvivED water)
Qualifications: MSc Engineering the Environment, BSc Marine Biology
Background: Experienced scientist and strong research professional with a demonstrated history of working in aquatic environments in both academia and consultancy. I am now working on science communication and knowledge management with the hope of making interesting research more accessible.


Jane Name: Jane Maher
Nationality: Irish
Position: Project Officer (EURASTiP, SIMBA)
Qualifications: MSc Environment and Development, BSc Environmental Science and Health
Background: I recently completed a PhD in geography, which focused on climate change adaptation and gender relations on Malawi. I have an academic background in environmental science and geography. Prior to joining AquaTT, I previously worked on FP-7 and EPA-funded projects focusing on environmental change and governance.


Avril new Name: Avril Hanbidge
Nationality: Irish
Position: Project Officer (ERGO, GENIALG)
Qualifications: MSc Applied Environmental Science, BSc Environmental Biology

I qualified from University College Dublin in 2014, and my research focussed on freshwater ecology. I have previously worked in water resources research, natural resource management and most recently in conservation project management for Parks Victoria, Australia. 



Georgia new Name: Georgia Bayliss-Brown
Nationality: British
Position: Senior Knowledge Transfer Officer (INvertebrateIT, ASSEMBLE Plus)
Qualifications: MSc Environmental Management and Assessment, BSc Environmental Sciences
Background: With an academic background in marine climate change and 10 years’ experience in international science project management, I specialise in generating impact from research through targeted knowledge transfer to science, policy, industry and society.


Keegan new Name: Keegan Porter
Nationality: American
Position: Knowledge Transfer and Impact Officer, Communications Officer (EuroMarine)
Qualifications: MSc Environmental Policy
Background: Before retraining in environmental policy, I worked as a military communications officer and a logistics and technical specifications assessor, and I am experienced in transferring technical knowledge to non-technical audiences. My MSc thesis looked at the perception of marine science and regulations among fishing communities.


Peadar new Name: Peadar Ó Raifeartaigh
Nationality: Irish
Position: Communications Officer
Qualifications: MSc Science Communication, BSc Neuroscience
Background: Before pursuing science communication professionally, my previous roles included work as an anti-money laundering analyst, and as an English language teacher at a Polish high school. My MSc thesis focused on barriers to effective public engagement on the EU-funded NERRI Project.


Roohi Name: Roohi Arora
Nationality: Indian
Position: Accounts Assistant
Qualifications: MBA Finance
Background: I worked in a Chartered Institute firm for 3 years as an Accounts Assistant and currently pursuing my master’s in business administration (Finance). My interests include Management accounting and Audit.


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