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MarineTT aimed to improve access to EU marine research by developing a methodology for knowledge capture and transfer.

TITLE: European Marine Research Knowledge Transfer and Uptake of Results
PROGRAMME: FP7, Cooperation, Environment (including Climate Change)
INSTRUMENT: Coordination and Support Action (Supporting)
TOTAL BUDGET: €871,336
DURATION: February 2010 – January 2012
COORDINATOR: AquaTT Limited, Ireland
CONSORTIUM: EurOcean, Portugal

European marine research projects could play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of our natural resources and in knowledge-based ocean governance. The European Commission has funded almost 600 marine research projects through the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes (FP6 and FP7), worth more than €1.1 billion. However, not all of the new knowledge generated by these projects has had the expected impact, largely due to the familiar obstacles impeding knowledge transfer between research institutions and third parties. This has led to a disparity between research investment and innovation from research.

Using an innovative process of knowledge collection, analysis and transfer, MarineTT aimed to unlock the knowledge generated by EC-funded marine environmental research. The MarineTT methodology assisted in reducing the barriers to impact from research.


David Murphy

David is the coordinator of the MarineTT project, and is responsible for ensuring that the activities and results of the project are in line with the objectives and intended impacts of the project.

Contact David about MarineTT


Cliona Ní Cheallacháin

Cliona supported AquaTT in fulfilling the tasks of the MarineTT project, including collection and editing of knowledge from EC funded projects which were selected for Knowledge Transfer within the project.

Contact Cliona about MarineTT


Project Coordinator


P.O.BOX 8989, Dublin 2

Telephone: +353 1 644 9008



Project Partner


Avenida Dom Carlos 1,
26-21249-074 Lisboa,

Telephone: 351 21 3924495


The MarineTT project factsheet is available to download HERE.

If you would like to know more about this project, visit the official MarineTT website:

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