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    • At AquaTT we believe that scientific research can, and should, enrich our lives and help deliver a sustainable future for humanity.
      • AquaTT has built a multidisciplinary team from across Europe.

      • AquaTT's Board comprises European Directors from all sectors of marine research and industry.

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    • The latest news and press releases from AquaTT and all of our projects.
      • Our Training News e-newsletter is delivered to subscribers monthly, and lists the latest news in the marine sector, including training, industry, education and policy related areas, as well as collaboration opportunities.


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We provide grant application support from an experienced and motivated team to increase the likelihood of a favourable evaluation: customised descriptions of tasks and work packages to not only impress evaluators, but to be of real practical value if the project is selected; editorial support and proof reading by our excellent team of proposal writers.

We can be your knowledge management partner for the entire project life cycle: identification and prioritisation of new knowledge generated out of projects, and design of appropriate mechanisms for maximum exploitation and knowledge transfer

We can identify key performance indicators so that your project’s results can be measured, and any slippage can be recognized early on and corrected during the course of the project

We can be your link to AQUA-TNET, the largest education and training network in aquaculture and fisheries. Now in its 12th year, AQUA-TNET has more than 100 international partners, of whom AquaTT is the secretariat; visit

We can provide a channel to the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform, EATiP, where David Murphy, AquaTT’s Managier, serves as a facilitator for the knowledge management working group.

We can put together realistic and cost effective budgets and financial schedules grounded in our data from previous project participation. A qualified accountant is part of our team.

We can help develop a project brand, extending to the areas of customised logos, leaflets, posters, manuals and project websites

We can provide your project with access to well-established communication and dissemination channels.

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