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ATLAS creates a dynamic new partnership between multinational industries, SMEs, governments and academia to assess the Atlantic’s deep-sea ecosystems and Marine Genetic Resources to create the integrated and adaptive planning products needed for sustainable Blue Growth

TITLE: Atlas
PROGRAMME: Horizon 2020
TOTAL BUDGET: €9,207,915.61
DURATION: May 2016 - April 2020 (48 months)
COORDINATOR: The University of Edinburgh (UEDIN)
CONSORTIUM: 24 partners

ATLAS not only uses trans-Atlantic oceanographic arrays to understand and predict future change in living marine resources, but enhances their capacity with new sensors to make measurements directly relevant to ecosystem function. The ATLAS team has the track record needed to meet the project’s ambitions and has already developed a programme of 25 deep-sea cruises, with more pending final decision. These cruises will study a network of 12 Case Studies spanning the Atlantic including sponge, cold-water coral, seamount and mid-ocean ridge ecosystems. The team has an unprecedented track record in policy development at national, European and international levels. An annual ATLAS Science-Policy Panel in Brussels will take the latest results and Blue Growth opportunities identified from the project directly to policy makers.


Claudia Junge

AquaTT’s work in the ATLAS project is as leader of Work Package 9 ‘Dissemination, Knowledge Transfer and Outreach’. The concept behind WP9 is that effective external communication, dissemination and optimal knowledge transfer of ATLAS must lead to the widest exploitation of its research outputs: these should include contributing to the Atlantic Action Plan initiatives on Ocean Literacy and further support development of the European Research Area and the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. Claudia is the Project Officer working on ATLAS.

Contact Claudia about ATLAS


Project Coordinator

Prof. Murray Roberts

Old College
South Bridge



Communication and Press by AquaTT

Claudia Junge




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