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The overall aim of the MATES project is to respond to the ongoing evolution in the maritime industry and develop a strategic plan coupled with effective implementation measures that will dynamically tackle the existing/foreseen skills shortage. This will in turn contribute to a more resilient labour market, capable of adapting to new scenarios, and aiming to safeguard the well-being of present and future maritime-dependent communities and the overall competitiveness of the industry.

TITLE: MATES - Maritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy
INSTRUMENT: Sector Skills Alliances (SSA)
TOTAL BUDGET: €4 million
DURATION: January 2018 - December 2021 (48 months)
COORDINATOR: Centro tecnológico del mar, Fundación (CETMAR)
CONSORTIUM: 17 partners
WEBSITE: Coming soon

Throughout the course of its four-year run, the MATES project will mobilise and network multiple stakeholders throughout the maritime sector in Europe, in order to develop a cohesive and robust strategy to improve both the present, and possible future, skill gaps. In order to ensure this is done effectively, participants in the project will gather and update relevant information on sectoral strategies and skill gap analysis, with a particular focus on shipbuilding and offshore renewable energies value chains.

The project will simultaneously seek to upskill specific groups, ranging from unemployed, low to middle-skilled workers in shipbuilding and offshore energy value chain and university graduates with the skills most relevant to them, while also developing appropriate mixed training schemes.

Finally, the consortium will aim to develop a long-term Strategic Action Plan to capitalise on existing resources, mobilise funding, and ensure the sustainability and scalability of the project results.



Olivia Daly

Olivia leads AquaTT's involvement in the MATES project. Her specific role includes leading Work Package 6 (WP6), entitled 'Dissemination and outreach'. This will involve, in general, leading the communication and outreach aspects of the project, as well as identifying preliminary impact indicators. Alongside leading WP6, Olivia will also be involved in Work Packages 1-5.

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Project Coordinator


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Project Manager


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