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        August 2015
22 February 2020
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This is the Announcement Supplement, which comes with the AquaTT Training News newsletter, the latest version of which is available on the AquaTT website. These are free e-mail news services provided by AquaTT on education, training, news and events in Marine research and related sectors. The newsletter currently reaches more than 5,000 international recipients on a monthly basis. Please submit any relevant information for inclusion in next month’s edition to

Please check the AquaTT Calendar for a comprehensive overview of all Marine Sector related events.

July 2015 cal
October 2015
4-24 October 2015 Course 11th Advanced Phytoplankton Course: Taxonomy and Systematics, Naples, Italy
5-7 October 2015 Event Euromarine Foresight Symposium, "Future Coast – Europe", Berlin, Germany
5-8 October 2015 Workshop Trait-based Approaches to Ocean Life international workshop, Waterville Valley, USA
6 October 2015 Event "Drivers for Blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region" conference, Copenhagen, Denmark
6-7 October 2015 Course Opening the Box: Stock Assessment and Fisheries Advice for Stakeholders, NGOs and Policy Makers, Copenhagen, Denmark
6-10 October 2015 Event MEDCOAST 2015, Varna, Bulgaria
7 October 2015 Workshop ARRAINA workshop: Current Challenges and Perspectives of Trout Feeding, Gdansk, Poland
8 October 2015 Event Fourth SCAR Foresight Stakeholder Conference: "Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the Bioeconomy - A Challenge for Europe”, Brussels, Belgium
8 October 2015 Workshop COFASP Workshop: 'Towards New Solutions on Mobility and Learning Tools for Human Capacity Building on the Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing Chain’, Bilbao, Spain
10-11 October 2015 Workshop Increasing Public Understanding and Acceptance of Aquaculture – the role of truth, transparency and transformation, Pontevedra, Spain
13-15 October 2015 Event The IFM 46th Annual Conference: Extreme Fisheries, Plymouth, England
13-16 October 2015 Course Social Science Methods for Natural Scientists, Copenhagen, Denmark
13-16 October 2015 Event First Iberian Congress on Aquaculture, Huelva, Spain
13-16 October 2015 Event EuroFoodChem XVIII, Madrid, Spain
14-16 October 2015 Event EFSA’s 2nd Scientific Conference - Shaping the Future of Food Safety, Together, Milan, Italy
14-16 October 2015 Event Arctic Marine Resource Governance Conference, Reykjavik, Iceland
16-17 October 2016 Event 2nd Conference "Food and Nutrition for Health": Mediterranean Food and Nutrition, Portorož, Slovenia
20 October 2015 Event First EMODnet Open Conference , Oostende, Belgium
20 October 2015 Workshop European Percid Fish Culture (EPFC) Workshop 2015, Rotterdam, Netherlands
20-23 October 2015 Event Aquaculture Europe 2015, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
21 October 2015 Event EMB 5th Forum 'The Ocean-Climate Nexus: The critical role in ocean science in responding to climate change', Brussels, Belgium
21 October 2015 Event Conference on Sustainable technologies for the processing and preservation of food products, Milan, Italy
21-23 October 2015 Event 6th International Oyster Symposium, Massachusetts, United States
26-29 October 2015 Course EcoAqua Summer School 2015, Canary Islands, Spain
26-30 October 2015 Event IMBIZO lV - Marine and human systems: Addressing multiple scales and multiple stressors, Trieste, Italy
27-28 October 2015 Event Symposium: Climate change: impacts on ocean, food production, health and the economy, Brest, France
27-28 October 2015 Course Algaculture for Biotechnology, Oban, Scotland, UK
27-30 October 2015 Event Myfish/ICES final symposium: Targets and limits for long, term fisheries management, Athens, Greece
29 October 2015 Event Atlantic stakeholder platform conference, Brest, France
November 2015
4-6 November 2015 Course The Challange of Science Leadership, Oban, Scotland
9-13 November 2015 Event 8th Ecosystem Services Partnership World Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa
10-11 November 2015 Event IFM Eel Workshop 2015, Peterborough,United Kingdom
16-17 November 2015 Event WavEC Seminar 2015 and B2B Meetings, Lisbon, Portugal
16-19 November 2015 Event Latin American & Caribbean Aquaculture 2015, Fortaleza, Brazil
17-19 November 2015 Event ICAWA 2015: “Ecosystem Approach to the management of fisheries and the marine environment in West Africa waters”, Senegal, Africa
26 November 2015 Event MERMAID end user conference - Multi-use offshore platforms: opportunities and challenges for Europe, Brussels, Belgium
January 2016
20-22 January 2016 Event AORAC workshop: Making the ecosystem approach operational, Copenhagen, Denmark
February 2016
1-5 February 2016 Event Mares Conference on Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation, Olhão, Portugal
21-24 February 2016 Event Pacific Fisheries Technologists (PFT) Conference, Washington, USA
March 2016
15-17 March 2016 Event Oceanology International 2016, London, UK
May 2016
30 May - 3 June 2016 Event ICES/PICES symposium on Understanding marine socio-ecological systems: including the human dimension in integrated ecosystem assessment, Brest, France  
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