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18 January 2020
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AQUAEXCEL Industry Workshop to Take Place at AE2014

AQUAEXCEL Industry Workshop Header

When: Friday 17 October 2014, 10.30 - 12.55hrs

Where: Room 11, Exhibition area, AE2014

AQUAEXCEL is an EU FP7 project that aims to integrate key aquaculture research infrastructures across Europe in order to promote their coordinated use and development. As part of the ‘Aquaculture Europe 2014’ conference, AQUAEXCEL will host an industry workshop on Friday, 17th October entitled "Research Infrastructures: adding value to European aquaculture industry".

This workshop will provide a space for collaboration and interaction between the project's partners and an audience primarily drawn from industry. The workshop will focus on presenting achievements and results of the AQUAEXCEL project which can positively contribute to the enhancement of aquaculture in Europe and which are demonstrably beneficial to the aquaculture industry.

For further details on the workshop, click HERE.

For more information, see, email or stop by and say hello at the AquaTT booth (No. 16) @ AE2014.


ARRAINA Fish Nutrition Session at Aquaculture Europe 2014

ARRAINA logo smallARRAINA will host several sessions on fish nutrition at the Aquaculture Europe conference (AE2014) in San Sebastián, Spain, in a few weeks time. Wednesday 15 October and Thursday morning 16 October 2014, the ARRAINA team will provide stakeholders and interested parties with the opportunity to learn more about the current and expected results of the ARRAINA project.

The results anticipated from ARRAINA are as follows:

  • Alternative feeds tailored to meet the nutrient requirements of the target fish
  • Improved delivery of nutrients in fish, from egg to broodstock
  • Nutritionally regulated biomarkers with a predictive value
  • Assessment of potential to decrease environmental impacts through technological manipulation of dietary delivery
  • Assessments of environmental impacts of fish feeds with low marine-source ingredients
  • Strengthened links between the scientific community and the commercial sector
  • Enhanced use of new diets through nutritional programming in fish
  • Defining optimum micronutrient requirements for fish feeds with low marine-source ingredients

If you are attending the Aquaculture Europe conference this October, please consider attending the ARRAINA session on fish nutrition, meeting with our project partners and learning more about this promising and timely project.

The project factsheet can be downloaded here as a PDF.

For more information please contact the ARRAINA Project Coordinator, Sadasivam Kaushik ( or the Project Manager, Heloise Simonson (

For more information on programmes and logistics of the AE2014 event, please visit the conference page here.


Second AQUAEXCEL Key Achievements Booklet Now Available

AquaExcel Booklet compressed The activities and results of the AQUAEXCEL (Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in European fish research) project have been summarised in a new publication entitled AQUAEXCEL Key Achievements 2013-2014. 

AQUAEXCEL is an EC FP7-funded project which aims to integrate key aquaculture research infrastructures across Europe in order to promote their coordinated use and development. The project’s focus is on further improving the efficiency of aquaculture production and supporting European research activities in this area.

The AQUAEXCEL Key Achievements 2013-2014 booklet is the second in a series of booklets outlining the recent accomplishments of the project for a non-expert audience.

Key outputs of the project are highlighted in the booklet. These include details of four pioneering technical training courses organised and delivered by AQUAEXCEL partners that focused on different aspects of aquaculture experimentation, and descriptions of new aquaculture research tools and methodologies developed through the project, such as guidelines describing best practice methods for measuring particular observable traits in aquaculture fish species and prototype electronic infrastructures (e-infrastructures) which enable interchange of data and remote operation of aquaculture research facilities over the internet.

Over the course of the project, AQUAEXCEL regularly invited proposals from European research groups for scientific research that utilised the facilities of the participating aquaculture Research Infrastructures. Results of research carried out under the Transnational Access programme are also highlighted in the booklet, including fish feed studies examining the substitution of fish meal and fish oil with alternative ingredients such as insect meal and hazelnut oil. 

Reflecting on the accomplishments of the project so far, AQUAEXCEL’s coordinator Dr Marc Vandeputte, from l’Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France, said: “AQUAEXCEL, through its joint research activities and its Transnational Access programme, has shown the value of collaborative research efforts to produce results which are valuable not only to the scientific community but which are also demonstrably beneficial to the European aquaculture industry as a whole. This booklet highlights some of these exciting new findings. As we enter the final few months of the project, more and more concrete results are becoming available, and we will have even more impressive knowledge to share in the very near future.”

The AQUAEXCEL Key Achievements 2011-2013 and 2013-2014 publications are available to download from, or in hardcopy by request.

To request hard copies of these booklets, or for press queries, please contact: Marieke Reuver, Programme Manager, AquaTT, Dublin, Ireland, email:, web:


HEALTHY FUTURES Recently Held its Final Project Meeting

Healthy Futures

The sixth and final HEALTHY FUTURES project meeting took place in Salzburg, Austria, from 9-10 September 2014 and was hosted by the Centre for Geoinformatics at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg.

HEALTHY FUTURES is a four-year EC Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funded project that aims to contribute to reducing the future burden of three water-related, vector-borne diseases in eastern Africa by constructing a disease risk mapping system for malaria, Rift Valley fever and schistosomiasis, taking into account environmental and climatic trends and changes in socio-economic conditions to predict future risk.

As the project is now in its final months, the meeting provided partners with an ideal platform from which to present the results achieved to date and to plan for the completion of remaining tasks and deliverables. Important decisions were made in relation to finalising the development of an online Risk and Vulnerability Atlas. This online visualisation tool will be presented to stakeholders and decision-makers at a number of workshops scheduled to take place in Nairobi from 30 September – 1 October 2014 and 18 – 21 November 2014, respectively. During these workshops, decision support frameworks will be established and refined for each of the target diseases in the east African study region.

Partners were also provided the opportunity to view the recently released documentary ‘Health and Climate Change in Africa’ during the meeting, in which the HEALTHY FUTURES and its sister project, QWeCI, are prominently featured.

To view the project documentary, click HERE.

For more information about HEALTHY FUTURES, visit:

HF-6th Partners meeting-Salz2014 Compressed


Implementing Maximum Sustainable Yield in European Waters: Second Issue of Myfish Project Newsletter Now Available

Myfish newletter 2nd issueThe second newsletter of the Myfish Project is now available to download from the project’s website: The Myfish project aims to provide an operational framework for the implementation of the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) concept in European waters.

This issue of Myfish Project News features a summary of progress made by partners involved in Work Package 1 (WP1) as they collaborate to define a common MSY framework. Additionally, the newsletter features updates and news stories from each of the five Myfish regional case studies (Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Western Waters and Widely Ranging Fish), as well as examples of Decision Support Tables (DSTs) developed as part of the Myfish project. This issue also contains feedback from stakeholders who have participated in recent Myfish meetings and workshops.

You can keep up to date with the progress of Myfish by registering to receive regular updates on the "Influence Myfish!" page on the project website.

To access the second edition of the Myfish Project Newsletter, click HERE.


AquaTT Attendance at Aquaculture Europe 2014, 14-17 October 2014, Donostia–San Sebastián, Spain

Aquaculture Europe 2014 (AE2014) will take place on 14-17 October 2014 at the Congress Centre (Kursaal) in Donostia–San Sebastián, Spain. With the theme ‘Adding Value’, there will be a strong focus on knowledge management to support technological development and innovation and to ensure maximum impact of the results through suitable communication channels. As AquaTT’s experience and expertise is strongly rooted in the area of knowledge management, we are eagerly looking forward to attending AE2014. AquaTT has booth number 16 at AE2014 and you are all very welcome to come visit us (Marieke Reuver and Cliona Ní Cheallacháin).

For more information on AquaTT:


Aqua-tnet Project Comes to a Close

Aqua-tnet, the European Thematic Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management, will publish a special final issue of its e-newsletter this month to mark the end of the project.

Set up in 1996 as a tightly-knit collaboration of university departments and research institutes, Aqua-tnet’s work in educational reforms led to a steady expansion and by 2005 it had become the largest multidisciplinary European Education Network in the field of aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management. The network was most recently funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme, running from 2011-2014. 

Aqua-tnet lead cooperation between higher education institutions and other partners such as academic organisations, research institutions and industry, aiming to enhance quality and to define and develop a European dimension within its academic disciplines.

The final issue of the Aqua-tnet newsletter will feature reflections from partners on the project and its achievements. The Aqua-tnet newsletter archives and more information about the project can be found at

Aqua-tnet is delighted to announce that they will be giving an oral presentation entitled ‘AQUA-TNET: Adding Value to European Aquaculture Education’, at Aquaculture Europe 2014 in Donostia–San Sebastián, Spain. The presentation will give unique insights into the final results and highlights of this leading project.


MaCuMBA at BioMarine 2014

Macumba round IMG NEWThe EC-funded MaCuMBA project will lead a round-table session at the 5th International BioMarine Business Convention in Cascais, Portugal (Oct 30-31, 2014). The MaCuMBA project aims at improving the isolation rate and growth efficiency of marine microorganisms from conventional and extreme habitats by developing new methods for isolating and screening marine microorganisms using cultivation-dependent strategies. BioMarine 2014 is an international platform where CEOs and executives from all areas of marine have the opportunity to meet stakeholders in the marine bioresources sectors and professionals in the marine industry. This is a platform for research and industry alike to diversify their cross-sectorial knowledge, strengthen their existing partnerships and build new opportunities. This is therefore an excellent platform for MaCuMBA to build new relationships and promote and transfer our innovative outcomes to our key stakeholders.

For more details check the BioMarine 2014 website: (MaCuMBA’s round table session will take place on Thursday 30 October, from 17.00 till 18.00hrs)



Student Corner

Interested in a Career in the Marine Sciences? If so, Come Along to SAMS Open Day this November

The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) is holding an open day on 7 November 2014.

It is aimed at anyone thinking of embarking on a career in marine science, or students showing a strong aptitude for science subjects but who may yet be undecided about their future career path. 

This includes 4th - 6th year pupils, students from a science HNC/HND background and individuals who are undertaking access courses for university within the scientific disciplines. Any interested students, parents and/or guidance tutors are invited to attend this event.

For more, click HERE


Win an iPad Mini at Aquaculture Europe 2014! Lindsay Laird 2014 Innovation in Aquaculture Award

Lindsay Laird Award FlyerIn 2008, AquaTT and Aqualex Multimedia Consortium (AMC) Ltd established an award in honour of Lindsay Laird for the most innovative poster (in English) submitted by a student to the annual Aquaculture Europe conference, which concerns research in any one of the following areas:

  • Environmental Impacts in aquaculture
  • New species
  • Hatcheries/early life history
  • Stock production
  • Fish diseases
  • New technologies
  • Genetics/genomics

At the time of her early death from cancer in 2001, Lindsay Laird was a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Zoology Department at Aberdeen University. From the beginning of her career, Lindsay worked with the expanding Scottish aquaculture industry on different aspects of salmon farming. In 1998, she became the first Chairman of the Organic Fish Producers’ association. She served as Vice-Chairman of the Scottish Fisheries Executive Committee and on the Board of Directors of the European Aquaculture Society from 1994 to 2000, when she was obliged to retire for health reasons. Lindsay also carried out research and gave lectures in countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, and Borneo, where a new species of moth (Dasychera lairdi) was named after her.

The award consists of a certificate and an award of an iPad mini, as well as a book prize sponsored by Wiley-Blackwell.

Entries submitted by students for the best student poster at the annual EAS conference in San Sebastian, Spain from 14-17 October 2014 are eligible.

The winner will join six previous winners from Germany, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Malta.

Click here to learn more about the Lindsay Laird award and previous winners.

We are looking forward to a bumper crop of entries at this year’s event!


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Postgraduate Research in Marine and Earth Science (PRiMES) Conference 2014

Date: Wednesday 19 - Friday 21 November 2014
Organised by: 
Marine Studies Group, Geological Society of London
Scottish Marine Institute, Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Oban, UK

Come and meet fellow PhD students from all disciplines of Marine and Earth Sciences. Find out what they are doing and how they might be getting there. As part of your PhD you are likely to present your work at international conferences. Therefore practice your presentation skills in front of a sympathetic audience and trial poster production.

This is an opportunity for new postgraduate students and early career researchers to present projects and ideas to their own peer-group in a supportive and sympathetic atmosphere. PRiMES 14 is the ideal opportunity to practice presentations and poster production, from newly started projects to full results of research. We particularly welcome cross-discipline interaction and networking within the Marine and Earth Sciences. Come and make new contacts and friends from across the marine science community and see what others are doing and how this could assist your research.

PhD supervisors: pre-register any new (2014) PhD students - simply send a brief project description as the abstract. An ideal way for new students to network beyond their immediate field.

Whether your science is microbial activity or ocean-wide hydrodynamics or something on a scale inbetween it is hoped that everyone can get an insight to many differing lead-edge science projects. Broadening one's horizons can be as important as seeing the fine detail on one's own work.

Cash prizes for both best posters and best presentation, together with citations/photographs to be published in 'Geoscientist'.

Abstract deadline: 17 October 2014

For more information, visit


Other News


SUNRISE Project: Using Underwater Robots for a Better Understanding of the Underwater World

The FP7 Sunrise project is at the forefront of a revolution in communications, creating an underwater ‘internet of things’ that will mobilise robots to work in groups, interacting together and passing back information to us on life underwater.

The SUNRISE project will enable underwater robots to work autonomously, having received instructions. For the first time they will be able to communicate to each other and send data back to computers through the Internet, regardless of swiftly changing circumstances and challenges to data transmission. They will be used to identify threats to oil and gas pipelines, monitor the environment, protect archeological sites, find out more about the geology of our planet and much more.

For more information, see or click HERE


Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture for Food Security and Nutrition Report

High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) produced a report on Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for food security and nutrition. This report addresses a frequently overlooked but extremely important part of world food and nutrition security: the role and importance of fish in seeking food and nutrition security for all.

The report presents a synthesis of existing evidence regarding the complex pathways between fisheries and aquaculture and food and nutrition security, including the environmental, economic and social dimensions, as well as issues related to governance. It provides insights on what needs to be done to achieve sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in order to strengthen their positive impact on food and nutrition security.

For further information click HERE.


Call for Applications for Membership of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF)

The European Commission is calling for applications with a view to appoint experts for STECF membership for a three year renewable mandate.

The Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) is tasked with advising the Commission on matters pertaining to the conservation and management of living aquatic resources, including biological, economic, environmental, social and technical considerations.

Members of the STECF are required to contribute to the overall work programme of the STECF and to participate in plenary meetings and relevant Expert Working Groups as appropriate. The European Commission may also request committee members to represent STECF in stakeholder meetings, such as meetings of the Advisory Councils, Regional Member State fora, working groups and workshops of the Regional Fisheries Management Organisations and of Sea Conventions.

The deadline for application is 15 December 2014.

For further information, click HERE.


Attend WavEC Annual Seminar “Fostering Transatlantic Growth of Marine Renewables" this October

Portugal and the United States of America have joined efforts in 2014 to organise the WavEC Annual Seminar entitled “Fostering Transatlantic Growth of Marine Renewables", that will take place in Portugal on 9 October 2014. 

The Seminar will be organised around four panel sessions, each focusing on a specific theme: Associated challenges to harnessing marine energy and solutions; Logistic requirements for marine energy development; Partnering with the private sector and co-financing; United States – Portugal technical cooperation.

More information is available on the WavEC website.


Russian Trade Ban: Commissioner Damanaki to Support EU Fisheries Sector

In the light of Russia’s trade ban on certain fisheries products which hit the European fisheries sector this summer, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, has said that the European Commission is ready to support the European fisheries sector.

In a letter addressed to Italian Minister Maurizio Martina and the Chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, Alain Cadec, Commissioner Damanaki outlined that the EU can provide financial support to the sector as well as the possibility of shifting unused fishing quotas to 2015.

For further details, click HERE.


Ridding the Sea and Land from Toxic Plastics Fragments

BioClean, an FP7 research project, due to be completed in 2015, is sparing no effort to find ways of reducing the impact of non-biodegradable plastics in the environment.

The project aims at gaining a deeper scientific understanding of biodegradation of such materials in natural environments and waste disposing facilities. It also explores the feasibility of biotechnological solutions for an effective and sustainable disposal of plastic waste. Specifically, the project is focused on four kinds of plastics: PVC, Polystyrene, Polypropylene and Polyethylene.

For more information, click HERE, or access the project website HERE.


Call for Contributions to ‘Assessing Marine Ecosystems Health in an Integrative Way’ Session at 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting

Abstract submissions are currently being accepted for the ‘Assessing marine ecosystems health in an integrative way’ session at the 2015 ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting to be held in Granada (Spain) 22 - 27 February 2015.

Submitted papers should present ways of assessing the health status of marine ecosystems or biodiversity.   

A special issue of the session will be published in the Elsevier journal “Continental Shelf Research”. Further details on this will be given to those submitting contributions.

The deadline for registration and submitting abstracts is 10 October 2014. 

To make a submission, you first need to register for the meeting and then log on HERE.  

For more details on the session, click HERE.

For details on the event, click HERE


New legislation provides protection to shark and ray species threatened by unsustainable trade

Since 14 September 2014, eight shark and ray species have received extra protection from unsustainable trade. They have been listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and now have to be accompanied by export or import permits issued by EU countries when they enter or leave the EU market

The eight species - porbeagle, oceanic whitetip shark, scalloped hammerhead, great hammerhead shark, smooth hammerhead shark and manta rays – were earmarked for protection in March 2013 and join three shark species - basking shark, great white shark, whale shark – already on the CITES list.

For more information, click HERE


First Issue of AQUA-USERS project newsletter now available

AQUA-USERS is an FP7-funded project that aims at turning Earth observation data into services providing user-relevant and timely information for the aquaculture industry. AQUA-USERS will provide this information based on the most up-to-date satellite data and innovative optical in-situ measurements. The key purpose is to develop an application that brings together satellite information on water quality and temperature with in-situ observations as well as relevant weather prediction and met-ocean data. The main focus of method development within AQUA-USERS is currently on harmful algal bloom detection and aquaculture indicators.

In the first edition of the AQUA-USERS newsletter, you will:

  • learn more about the background and aims of the AQUA-USERS project
  • find out about the method development taking place for harmful algal bloom detection and aquaculture indicators
  • be introduced to the technical infrastructure being developed, and
  • meet Hortimare, an innovative company from the Netherlands developing efficient, circular and sustainable concepts for (seaweed) aquaculture

To access the AQUA-USERS website, click HERE

To access the first AQUA-USERS newsletter, click HERE


 PiscesTT Jobs

pisces-logo-blue Sept 2007

If you are interested in viewing or posting a job vacancy in the marine sector and related areas, please visit the PiscesTT website or contact Click HERE to subscribe to live RSS updates of new job postings.

Recently added postitions:

Position: Oceanographer - Postdoctoral Research Associate (United Kingdom)

Position: Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Benthic Biogeochemistry (United Kingdom)

Position: PhD Fellowship - Computational Marine Ecology And Ocean Modelling (Spain)

Position: Research Officer - Marine Top Predator Ecologist (United Kingdom)



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