Atlantic Ocean Adventures at Home with Free Education Resources from EU ATLAS Project

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Press release: 22 April 2020

The EU-funded H2020 ATLAS project has developed a range of free, open-access educational resources on issues and topics related to the Atlantic Ocean and specifically the deep sea. Originally created for teachers and marine educators to use in a class environment, the fun learning activities are also ideal resources to support home-schooling, and are available in several languages.

The ATLAS Educational Outreach Portfolio was developed by ATLAS project partners Dynamic Earth, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), and AquaTT (Ireland). Children (of all ages), parents and teachers can learn about deep sea creatures and habitats by completing their own augmented colouring sheets, that come to life when viewed through the Spectacular App. Learners can try their hand at surveying with the ‘ATLAS coral reef’, a composite of images from the cold-water coral reefs in Irish and Scottish waters, displayed as a floor mat featuring key deep sea animals from ATLAS research. Students can also find out which deep sea creature they would be, via an interactive, beautifully illustrated flowchart.

For teachers, or parents leading home-schooling, there are seven education packs, each containing ready-planned lessons and activities related to the deep sea. These include multi-lingual resources covering ‘Animal, vegetable, mineral?’, a lesson explaining hydrothermal vents, the importance of the ocean, ocean acidification, and some fun experiments demonstrating the effect of high pressure in the deep sea. There is also a taxonomy challenge, and a lesson on threats to coral reefs.

With many of us still confined at home, now is the perfect time to embark on deep-sea exploration with ATLAS Atlantic Adventures.

To bring Atlantic Adventures into your home, please visit the education tab at for the full portfolio of free ATLAS educational resources. Follow our social media channels (Twitter @eu_atlas and Facebook @EuATLASor follow #ATLASatHome) for more ocean-themed learning activities.

ATLAS educational resources

Children engaging with Atlantic Adventures with ATLAS augmented colouring sheets and coral reef survey mat