Building Sustainable Change for Europe

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The response to the current Covid-19 emergency has demonstrated the power and impact of collective behavioural change. Now more than ever, we need to harness the power of sustainable, healthy behavioural change to strengthen and re-build our communities.

AquaTT has partnered with leading Environmental Psychologist Dr Doug McKenzie-Mohr tohost an online workshop that will be specifically adapted to supporting sustainable behaviour change in Europe.

Building on the success of our previous workshop in June 2020 (almost 100 participants representing county councils, government departments, state agencies, charities, healthcare and environmental organisations), we are expanding to offer an online introductory workshop on Community Based Social Marketing for a European audience in February 2021.

Who should attend?

The workshop is targeted at those who design or fund programmes that encourage individuals or organisations to engage in sustainable or healthy behaviours. These include people working in initiatives for environmental protection, sustainability, water and energy efficiency, pollution prevention, conservation, and transport changes, in addition to environmental education, social innovation, healthcare and public health professionals.


Most programs to promote health, safety and sustainable behav­iours rely upon disseminating information. Research demon­strates, however, that simply providing information has little or no effect on what businesses, organisations or individuals do. But if not ads, brochures or booklets, then what? This workshop provides a compre­hensive introduction to community-based social marketing and how it can be applied to nurture healthy, safe and sustain­able behaviours.

Please visit the registration page for further information.

Note that this workshop will be delivered through English.


The workshop will be held over three afternoon sessions (13:30 – 17:30 CET on each day) from the 1st-3rd of February 2021.


At present, we are assessing if there is sufficient demand for the workshop to proceed on the proposed dates. If you believe this workshop would be of interest to you or others in your organisation, please register your interest here before 30/11/2020. The registration page also includes details about pricing options.

In addition to attending the workshop, all participants will receive an e-copy of Doug’s book, Fostering Sustainable Behavior, access to extra online learning resources and a certificate of attendance.

We hope that you will avail of this unique opportunity to learn techniques that will help to create a more sustainable, healthy Europe. We would be grateful if you could please share this opportunity amongst your colleagues and please let us know if you or anyone in your network would be interested in joining the workshop.

Should you require any further information, please contact Sarah at We would be happy to provide you with more information or discuss how this workshop could benefit your organisation.