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Through its partnerships on EU-funded research projects, AquaTT works with Europe’s top researchers for the entirety of each project’s life cycle, from project conception to delivery. AquaTT’s multidisciplinary team uses their collective expertise to design and manage innovative work packages tailored to the needs of each specific project. AquaTT has collaborated with over 250 institutes across 40 countries. It has written and managed projects under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 funding programmes.

AquaTT has built upon its expertise on projects to offer a range of services,  resulting in contracts with national and international universities, research institutes, and public sector organisations. AquaTT’s services are based on a partnership model, supporting clients to build capacity, mobilise knowledge, drive innovation and ensure measurable value creation. Service areas include:

 Training Funding procurement and research project management.
 Advisory Project design and implementation, proposal development, writing services, brokerage services, project planning and facilitation services, and editing and proofing services. In addition to EU research funding proposals, AquaTT has experience of planning, writing and project managing tenders and expressions of interest, nationally and internationally.
 Mentoring Bespoke programmes to deliver results for research groups, individual principal investigators and early stage researchers with funding procurement. Programmes also feature career pathway exploration and goal-setting.
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